The Export Control Group International is a team of leading experts in the field of export control. With a strong mindset and a clear focus, we help our clients navigate through the constant changing rules and regulations of trade compliance and export controls.

Controlling all aspects of trade compliance means having the ability to do business without borders and to expand internationally. As compliance navigators™, we help companies creating the unique opportunity to trade worldwide and to explore new international business opportunities.

As compliance navigators, we help companies explore these new possibilities by making them both aware and helping them to succeed on the international market. We do this by offering a unique Export Control & Compliance program, called the “A4 Program”. The A4 program, combines building a solid structure for your export, combined with Lean Six Sigma / Lean Thinking techniques.

Because this creates a perfect bridge between the legal and operational side of export and insures the development and maintenance of an efficient and effective Export Control and Compliance Program for your company.

Do you want to explore new international business opportunities?
Do you want to control all aspects of trade compliance?